It pays to play!

Our generous Caesars Rewards loyalty programme credits you for playing poker.

Take part in any cash game and you’ll earn Reward Credits to spend on food and drink and gaming at any of our casinos, or on a vast range of specially selected merchandise from iPads to fitness products and special days out to luxury dinners at top hotels.

Earning Reward Credits

Simply hand in your TCaesars Rewards card to our poker staff before you join a cash game and you will earn 60 Reward Credits for every hour of poker play.

You can also earn Credits on the gaming tables and electronic machines too.

And don’t forget to present your Caesars Rewards card if you’re buying drinks, snacks and meals, as every 50p spent earns you another 1 Reward Credit.

Spending Reward Credits

Every 100 Reward Credits you earn gives you £1 to spend as you choose at any Caesars casino in the UK or abroad. Your balance travels with you and doesn't expire as long as you visit us at least once every six months.

And don’t forget to check out all the exciting merchandise and gifts you can ‘buy’ with your Reward Credits in our Caesars Rewards section of the site.


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