Caesars Rewards UK


Lucky Doors

We're giving away £3,000 this Christmas! Join us and see if your luck's in...

10 lucky doors across 10 December days...Who will win our top prize of £1,000 cash?

With an incredible £3,000 total to give away, every day from 10 - 20 December, we'll be asking one winner to step up to the wall and select a lucky door. With a hidden cash prize behind each one, you're guaranteed some Christmas cash to smile about!

And if your luck's not in? Join us the following day when we'll start from scratch, and see if you'll be chosen to open another lucky door!

Tickled your fancy? Here's what you need to know:

  • Play between 7pm - 11pm, any day from 10 - 20 December, and receive a prize draw entry ticket upon arrival
  • When the clock strikes midnight, we'll delve into our Christmas prize draw box to select one name
  • The winner will then be called forward to select a lucky door from our mystery prize wall, revealing a hidden cash sum
  • Our Christmas prize draw box is then emptied, ready to receive the following day's tickets

T&Cs apply