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Alea Casino Glasgow is now offering Jackpots of up to £20,000 on selected slot machines. Don't miss out, come and play today!

Our Slots and Video Slots range from all-time favourites such as Cleopatra and Pharaoh's Fortune to the new multi-game platform. With up to 9 exciting game options on each machine, including the very popular Fort Knox games, there are minor, major and grand jackpots to be won.


We are delighted to introduce "Progressive Jackpots" on 8 of our 20 machines including our NEW Fort Knox Machines! There are also 30 Electronic Roulette terminals, all of which are linked to Live Roulette tables linked to our Auto Wheel and 3 dealer dealt live tables.

All the games are multipliers, meaning any possible winning combination pays the player and the payback for a single coin bet is multiplied by each additional coin bet.

Example: A winning combination of 5 cherries playing maximum lines pays £1 for a 50p bet, £2 for £1 bet and £4 for £2 bet. If the bet is increased, the win will multiply. Game Paytables do differ and we would advise all players to look at this.

8 Progressive Jackpot: Minimum 1p, Maximum £5
12 Jackpot Machines: Minimum 1p, Maximum £5

At Caesar's Coffee Shop on our ground floor, we are delighted to offer all of our VIP slot club members FREE tea, coffee and soft drinks every day.

Serving a selection of wraps, paninis and hot food, Caesar's is the perfect pit stop!


Tips and Advice

  • Our minimum bet depending on which machine is played can be as low as 5p but all machines have a maximum bet of £5.
  • Machines will take £1 coins and denominations of cash from £5 up to £50 notes, cashing out tickets only. The tickets can be redeemed at any other machine or cashdesk.
  • Every machine has a 'Help' button, which will present a guide to the machine's game.
  • The 'Pays' button will access the machine's Paytable showing how much is paid for each winning sequence. This will also show what type of Bonuses there are in each game.
  • All cash-outs at the cashdesk higher than £500 will require ID and higher than £1500 will require photo ID.

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